Southeast Elevator’s residential elevator touchscreen car operating panel (COP) is a digital interface that allows users to easily interact with the elevator system by pressing the display screen. 

Residential elevators with touchscreens offer a more modern, streamlined user experience by replacing the conventional buttons and switches found in traditional elevator controls.

residential elevator digital touchscreen car operating panel
Transform Your Home Elevator Interaction Into a Dynamic, Visual Experience

Increase functionality and customization options with the seamless and convenient user experience a digital touchscreen COP provides.

residential elevator Digital Touchscreen COP custom image backgrounds

A touchscreen panel has an intuitive interface that is easy to operate.

residential elevator digital touchscreen car operating panel with custom tropical image background


A digital touchscreen car operating panel offers a modern and sleek design that compliments the décor of many modern homes.

This can be especially impressive if the elevator is in a visible area of the home.


Digital touchscreen car operating panels require less physical dexterity and strength when compared to traditional buttons and switches. This makes them easier to use for people with disabilities or mobility issues.

Modern Residential Elevator Technology


Our digital touchscreen COP provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows you to easily control the elevator and settings.


Southeast Elevator touchscreen COP finishes