How Much Does It Cost
to Add a Home Elevator?

Elevator Installation in Any Home

Adding a residential elevator serves as the ideal solution if you’re looking for enhanced mobility and accessibility, convenience, and safety, as well as adding extra value and luxury to your home. However, if you’ve already started researching, “How much do residential elevators cost?” – you’ve probably concluded that there is no easy answer when trying to determine an absolute price tag for home elevator cost.

Although prices generally average around $27,000 – $30,000. Every home is different and residential elevators Florida can be completely customized to adapt to your unique wants and needs. Therefore, you will want to consider a variety of factors to determine the overall residential elevator cost.

Southeast Elevator Residential LULA elevator

Important Factors That Affect Your Residential Elevator Cost

Installation situation icon
Installation Situation
The cost of a residential elevator will fluctuate depending on whether you’re adding an elevator during a new home construction, within the confines of your existing structure, or as part of a larger home renovation.
House Configuration Icon
House Configuration
How many stories does your home have? Whether you live in a two-, three- or four-story home in Florida will affect your residential elevator cost.
Type of Elevator
What type of residential elevator do you require? Home elevator cost varies depending not only on elevator size, but also if you need to add an elevator cab by converting a closet into an elevator shaft or if you opt for a vacuum elevator that requires minimal construction.
Degree of Customization Icon
Degree of Customization
Which custom features do you want for your residential elevator? The ability to customize every aspect of your home elevator – from type of cab, lighting and wood paneling to button fixtures and handrails – will affect your home elevator cost.
Regular Maintenance Icon
Regular Maintenance
Keep ongoing maintenance costs for your residential elevator in mind. Consider signing up for an annual maintenance program to prevent any expensive repair costs down the line and keep your home elevator running in good shape for years to come.

Best Quality, Cost-Effective Residential Elevators for Your Florida Home

Florida residential elevator installation can be a very affordable option during a new home construction or if it allows you the opportunity to remain in your existing house and avoid having to move to a single-story house with all the associated costs. In addition to being a stylish addition to your home, a residential elevator will increase the marketability and resale value of your property.

The best way to keep costs down when getting a residential elevator installed is to choose an established, full-service residential elevator company such as Southeast Elevator. Our expert team of specialists will be there every step of the way – from elevator design and build to installation and service.

As Florida’s leading custom residential elevator manufacturer, we’ve got you covered no matter where you live – from residential elevators Miami to residential elevators Pensacola, residential elevators Orlando and everywhere in between. We’ll help you design the highest quality customized home elevator that perfectly suits your needs and complements your home’s beautiful style. Best of all, we keep costs down since we serve not only as the manufacturer, but we also install and service your residential elevator as well.

See examples of our latest residential elevators in our gallery.

At Southeast Elevator, we offer a variety of elevator cab styles to choose from, including Sugarmill, Peachtree, Plantation, and Shaker style, as well as seemingly endless customization options, including:

  • Wood Type
  • Finish
  • Ceiling Type
  • Lighting
  • Handrails
  • Control Panels
  • Gates

Discover How an Elevator Will Make a Great Addition to Your Home Today!

At Southeast Elevator, we’re here to answer any questions you have about home elevator cost, as well as assist you in finding the most cost-effective solution for installing an elevator in your home. If you can dream it, we can build it!

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