LULA Elevators

LULA Elevators are a cross between a
commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. 

A LULA elevator is a great choice for businesses in a low-rise building that need to improve accessibility for employees and clients.


Glide 1400L LULA (Limited Use / Limited Application) is a commercial model elevator. They’re built for new and existing buildings that need to fulfill ADA code but do not necessarily need a full passenger elevator. 

LULA elevators have a commercial-style automatic door system, heavy duty car frame, and a commercial controller. The cab has a larger weight capacity (up to 1400lbs).  They’re built to the ASME A17.1 national elevator code. This elevator is a safe, reliable choice for your vertical transportation needs.

Standard Features

Safety Features

LULA Elevator Features:

LULA elevators travel faster and transport more weight than a wheelchair liftThey require less space than a conventional elevator. As a result, they can be used in a building that does not meet the space requirements for a conventional elevator.

These are compact elevators that are a smart, cost-effective solution for smaller, low-occupancy buildings.

Our experts can help you design a LULA Elevator to work with the architecture of your building and equip it with options that meet your exact needs. 

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