Pitless Elevators

Minimal to no excavation is required when adding a pitless elevator to an existing home. 

Avoid the headache and expense of cutting through floors and concrete for a pit.

Southeast Elevator’s pitless elevators are available with adjacent openings, front and rear openings, as well as inline openings. 

For hoistways that can’t add a pit

In some homes, there is no option of digging into the foundation to create a pit.
Pitless elevators are
ideal for adding an elevator to your existing home.

Easier INstallation

Since pitless elevators require minimal to no excavation, the installation process for existing homes can be easier than traditional home elevators. As a result, the construction and installation time is often reduced.

Less Construction

A traditional residential elevator pit is usually dug 8 to 14 inches deep, in addition to the thickness of the concrete slab at the bottom. Pitless elevators make it easier to retrofit an existing home.

Available in any of our custom Styles

Start your pitless elevator design with any of our cab styles.

Use our cab designer to choose from our standard Sugarmill, Peachtree, Plantation, or Shaker series cabs. Select the wood, style, gate, fixtures, and other details to create a look that complements your decor.

interior view of Southeast Elevator's white Shaker Cab
Southeast Elevator Pitless Elevator showing the floor with no pit underneath an elevator with a closed clear acrylic accordion gate
Residential Pitless Elevator
Southeast Elevator equipment area
Equipment area

Pitless elevators make it easier to retrofit into an existing home

Southeast Elevator residential pitless elevator metal platform
Platform for custom designed pitless home elevator

If you’re remodeling your existing house, you may also be interested in our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators.

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