We all know that living in Florida is wonderful, however, we also live with the threat of hurricanes and major storms which can damage or flood your home.

Taking precautions for home elevator safety as a storm approaches is necessary as it may prevent repair expenses, inconvenience, and personal injury.

the steps you should take to prepare your home elevator in the event of an approaching storm

Power button for a residential elevator cab. Red "run/stop" switch on a stainless steel panel.

With hurricanes, tropical storms or intense rains that may cause flooding, you may be called on to evacuate your home.

In the event of an emergency evacuation:

Park the elevator at the highest landing and turn the cab’s power switch to the off position. Turn the power to the elevator off. There are two power sources, one for the machine and one for the car lights. Turn off the battery backup to prevent the alarm from sounding and the batteries from draining.

Once the storm has passed, do not use the elevator. Check the elevator machine room and all electrical equipment before starting the elevator. Damage could have created unsafe conditions. If water has affected any of these areas or the hoistway and pit, have us inspect the elevator before use. We have trained technicians available to assess the situation and get your elevator running again.

If you have any questions about how to prepare your elevator for an emergency, Southeast Elevator can help. Give us a call at 772-461-0030