Optimize your living space and easily access all floors.

When it comes to modifying your home to age-in-place or accommodate anyone with limited mobility, residential elevators are the most accessible and useful lift option.

Remodeling to Add a Home Elevator

Plan for your family’s current and future needs by making it easier to access all the floors in your house.


A critical component for aging in place is accessibility. If someone has mobility challenges, climbing stairs to access all areas of their home will be most challenging and lead to them having to leave the home they love.


Multi-generational households with three or more generations have nearly quadrupled over the past decade. As families are increasingly turning to mutually beneficial living arrangements, renovations and remodeling may be necessary to improve accessibility and safety for everyone.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Improve your home's curb appeal and uniqueness in a competitive market. Remodeling to add a residential elevator can add to the property value of your home by 10% or more!

Save Money

Consider the cost of adding an elevator in comparison to buying, selling, and moving away from your treasured home. Also, the cost of a new home elevator is negligible compared to the price of assisted living.


Many homeowners use stacked closets to allow for an elevator. Usually, 25 sq. ft. of available floor space in an unblocked area of your home is enough for a residential elevator.

Investing in your current and future needs by adding an elevator to your existing home is easier than you may think.

Pitless Elevators

In some homes, there is no option of digging into the foundation to create a pit for the addition of an elevator when remodeling.

In these instances, pitless elevators are an ideal solution for adding an elevator to your existing home.

PVE Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum elevators do not require hoistways, pits, or machine rooms and can travel up to five stops or 50 feet in total rise.

With a minimal footprint, the vacuum elevator goes where other elevators simply cannot.

Outdoor Elevators & Lifts

Outdoor Elevators and lifts are the perfect solution for homeowners who are remodeling to add an elevator to an existing house but don’t want to take up valuable floor space inside. 

Avoid the headache and expense of cutting through floors and concrete for a pit.

Manufactured with marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel, our outdoor elevators are built to handle harsh, coastal weather. This makes waterfront properties and beach houses ideal locations for an ODE.

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